The Importance Of Trade Shows For Small Businesses

Expos, exhibitions and conferences provide businesses and start-ups, like QP Drone Tech, a platform to make their brand known through meaningful face-to-face interactions with possible clients. These kinds of settings present an opportunity to put a face to the name and get recognised as we engage with attendees and create positive relationships with them.

As a company that aspires to be a global service provider in the drone business, creating a powerful image that matches our work is our priority. In addition to participating in expos and exhibitions, QP Drone Tech CEO, Ms Queen Ndlovu, is also a keynote speaker at various drone related conferences where she shares her expertise to other industry players.

This is an important tool for us to indirectly market and promote our business, on top of that, make people aware of our products and services. According to an SME survey, over 71% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have gained business through face-to face networking at a trade show. This gets to show how expos, exhibitions and conferences play a huge role in the success of SMEs.

Our history in participating in these trade shows as QP Drone Tech paved a foundation for where we are today as a business. Recently we were invited to showcase our business at the Aero SA Show and Business Roundtable, where Ms Ndlovu was also a speaker at the event. This was one of many we have participated in with more to come. A great opportunity for us to show ourselves and network with other professionals in our field.

According to an article by on the impact of covid with regards to physical interactions being limited in the past two years, and many event organisers switching to virtual events, the desire for face-to-face contact is still irreplaceable as stated in the article. “95% of regular exhibitors prefer in person to virtual events. It is clear that the best way for exhibitors to showcase their products and services remains in person events.” It further suggests that this could be due to the ability for exhibitors to connect on a more personal level with attendees, as well as for visitors to see products in the flesh.

Regardless of the world becoming more digital and technology taking over, there is still a need for these physical interactions/ events to take place. They provide a ground breaking opportunity that you won’t get anywhere else. Furthermore, it allows you to see what others are doing in your field. That’s a huge opportunity for us to learn and draw inspiration from other industry players, build contacts and possibly partner/ collaborate on projects.

Given the benefits of participating in trade shows, QP Drone Tech will continue to fill those spaces with the aim of not only securing businesses, but to network, build our brand and create positive relationships with our clients.