Commercial Services.

The Services we offer.

Sectors and applications.

Through QP Drone Tech Consortium Partners and our highly skilled local and global team, we have experience in offering high-quality services to various industries. Our clients and sector base include mines, security, infrastructure and property, healthcare, logistics, insurance and finance, agriculture, disaster management, and telecommunications, among others.

Together with our associates and consortium partners, we aim to become the premier UAV company globally.


Minerals exploration surveillance.

Piling and Stock Piling.

Security surveillance.

Building condition assessment.

3D Modelling.

Precision Farming inspection and surveys.

Solar farms.

Inspection and Auditing.

Delivery and Logistics.

Disaster management and responses.

Simulation training.


Master Training

QP Drone Tech offers a drone short course to Executives and Decision makers.

Our Partners

Social Impact

QP Drone Tech attempts to close the social divide through its social impact vehicle known as Flying Labs South Africa.